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Avallen Calvados


Avallen Calvados is the signature drink at our Neem store. If you've attended any of our many neem parties, chances are you've already enjoyed it. Avallen Calvados is a B Corp certified company dedicated to crafting brandy, with a mission to be the most sustainable spirit. How do they achieve this? By producing alcohol from apples sourced from Normandy.

Avallen Calvados exclusively selects apples from orchards cultivated in the local tradition, avoiding chemicals and artificial irrigation. These orchards boast rich biodiversity, encompassing trees, meadows, and hedgerow habitats within a unified space. Comprising around 40 different crab apple varieties, distinct from the typical supermarket apple, these fruits are ideal for crafting the delicious Avallen Calvados. Upon arrival at the distillery, the apples undergo a thorough process—washing, chopping, juicing, and natural fermentation extending up to two months. The resulting cider is then distilled in a column still with copper plates, achieving an alcohol by volume of up to 70%. Subsequently, the distilled liquid is transferred to large French oak vats for a six-month resting period.

In the process of naturally making alcohol, a substantial amount of water is typically required. Emphasising a commitment to sustainability, Avallen employs water solely for washing apples, and this water is recirculated up to 25 times, resulting in an exceptionally low water footprint. Specifically, a mere 1.2 litres of water suffice to produce 70cl of Avallen. This contrasts significantly with the industry average, where the production of one litre of spirit typically consumes around 32 litres of water.

Avallen has partnered with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust (BBCT) in the UK, a dedicated charitable organisation working tirelessly to protect and restore bumblebee populations. Beyond providing financial support for bee preservation, Avallen has distributed thousands of Kabloom Beeboms, enabling people to cultivate wildflowers and supply vital food for bumblebees.

Visit our store and sample this delightful Calvados, and you'll quickly understand why our love for them runs so deep!

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