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Why Neem by Lee Holmes

Why Neem by Lee Holmes

There’s no denying that the concept of throw away fashion - something we’re probably all guilty of indulging in - is a notoriously bad egg when it comes to the harm it causes the planet in terms of waste and pollution. So, it should come as little surprise that one the quickest and simplest ways in which you can help reduce your own personal contribution to this excess, is to actually buy fewer clothes. 


It’s a pretty straightforward notion to grasp, centering around only buying clothes when you really need to and investing instead in brands that have a social conscience. By fine-tuning your personal style - and outlook - you’ll eventually become part of a much bigger movement, where buying sustainable fashion will become second nature to you.


However, if you’re a first timer to this new way of shopping and are feeling slightly unsure about how to kick-start your planet-saving fashion odyssey, then new brand Neem London would be the ideal place to begin. Named after an evergreen tree native to India, the labels modus operandi is all about sustainability; biodegradable yarn is created from the wood of the Neem tree which is then stretched into a fibre and spun into thread, thus avoiding synthetic fabrics and reducing the amount of plastic microfibers produced.


And because Neem only works with a select few Italian mills, their collection is not only reassuringly modest but also season-less guaranteeing that waste - both in terms of production and in disposable fashion - is kept to a minimum. Which all goes to help in reconciling that great fashion paradox; wanting to support sustainability in the industry while quenching your thirst for something new A recycling clothing company with a new outlook.


The collection itself is easy on the eye, composed of recycled cotton shirts, merino T-shirts and stretch tailoring. And although Neem London isn’t looking to take over the world just yet, it definitely steers you in the right direction in terms of buying anything new while doing your bit for the planet too. Hopefully this is just the start for this small yet perfectly formed sustainable brand and long may it continue. As the proverb says; great oaks form little acorns grown. The recycling clothes company for a new era in menswear. 

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