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Our New Super 120 ZQ Merino T - Shirt with Roica V550: The New Sustainable Fabric with Stretch

Our New Super 120 ZQ Merino T - Shirt with Roica V550: The New Sustainable Fabric with Stretch

At Neem, we're excited to announce the launch of our Super 120s ZQ Merino T-shirt featuring 5% stretch. You might wonder where this stretch comes from - typically, it's associated with polyester fabrics like elastane which is extremely harmful to people and the environment. However, we're proud to introduce Roica V550, the world's only biodegradable stretch material, into our Merino shirts.


Elastane, also known as spandex or Lycra, is a synthetic fibre renowned for its lightweight and stretchy properties. Invented by chemist Joseph Shivers in 1958, it's commonly used in sportswear and swimwear due to its form-fitting characteristics. However, despite its widespread use in approximately 90% of clothing, elastane poses significant environmental and health concerns.

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ZQ Merino Thread

Firstly, elastane is non-biodegradable, meaning it doesn't break down naturally and leaves microplastics in the environment indefinitely. This lack of biodegradability contributes to environmental pollution, as it doesn't recycle and often ends up in landfills. Synthetic fibres like elastane are less sustainable compared to natural fibres, leading to significant oil consumption and the release of 8 million tons of plastic microplastics into the ocean annually.

Secondly, elastane can have adverse effects on skin health. It may lead to fungal or bacterial disorders, particularly for individuals with sensitive skin or asthma. Elastane contains carcinogenic chemicals such as polyurethane, and prolonged exposure to these substances can trigger asthma reactions and lung irritation.


Recognising the pressing need for sustainable alternatives in the fashion industry, we embarked on a mission to discover a fabric that provides stretch without compromising the environment. Our quest led us to an extraordinary find: Roica V550, the world's first Cradle to Cradle-Certified™ stretch yarn with a Material Health Gold Level Certificate. This groundbreaking material is a game-changer.

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ZQ Merino Wool Sourcing

Developed by the Asahi Kasei research and development team, Roica V550 represents a new generation of polymers. Unlike traditional elastane, Roica V550 doesn't contain harmful chemicals and is biodegradable, addressing key environmental concerns. While it's important to clarify that Roica isn't classified as fully biodegradable, it offers significant progress in sustainability. Roica dissolves into the earth by 35% within 275 days, a remarkable improvement over conventional elastane.

It's crucial to acknowledge ongoing testing is still happening to determine the precise breakdown timeline of Roica. However, its potential to decompose into the earth within a relatively short period marks a significant step forward in sustainable textile innovation.

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Moreover, Roica prioritises safety and comfort, making it better for the skin compared to conventional elastane. With its superior sustainability and biodegradability credentials, Roica emerges as the most viable and environmentally friendly option as a replacement for elastane.


After conducting thorough research and considering valuable customer feedback, we're thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: ZQ Merino wool T-shirts featuring 5% Roica V550. These new shirts retain all the exceptional properties of our previous designs while incorporating the benefits of Roica V550 stretch technology.

Like their predecessors, our ZQ Merino T-shirts with Roica V550 are odour-repellent, biodegradable, moisture-wicking, anti-itch, and lightweight. However, the addition of Roica V550 brings an exciting new dimension to these shirts: stretch.

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Neem Green ZQ Merino T - Shirt

With the same comfort and durability you've come to expect from our brand, these shirts ensure that you stay comfortable and stylish throughout your day. Whether you're lounging at home or exploring the outdoors, our ZQ Merino T-shirts with Roica V550 are designed to meet your needs with unparalleled quality and performance.

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