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Meet Edmund Colville - Owner of West Lexham tree houses

Meet Edmund Colville - Owner of West Lexham tree houses

West Lexham in Norfolk, is the ultimate holistic retreat, owned by friend and Neemsayer Edmund Colville. The setting is gorgeous, an idyllic river valley, replete with ancient trees and abundant wildlife. The site is almost entirely powered by renewables - a sustainable paradise.

It's a place we long to spend long bucolic days here at Team Neem.

We chatted to Edmund, a rather dashing Neemsayer.

What actions have you taken to reduce your footprint 

 At West Lexham we build out of reclaimed materials as far as possible, and are mainly run on renewables (solar and locally sourced wood chip). We also grow our own vegetables for our cafe and generally try to source as locally as possible, using eco products. 


What would you suggest others do as a result of what you’ve experienced and seen?

Take some time to drop out of their mental story and feel what it is like to experience the world from their heart rather than head. To connect to nature with heart and really feel into it and not try to understand it. 


What have you witnessed first hand that has inspired or motivated you the most to do something, around climate change and biodiversity loss?


Nature is more than you see with your eyes, there is a whole energetic ecosystem too. The land can carry trauma in the same way that people can. So the impact of humans overtime is stored beyond the surface layer of damage, pollution or biodiversity loss. By contrast if you go to an area of nature that has not much disturbance by humans or human history it feels unencumbered and alive. That can be in a wilderness or a reserve that has not been farmed or been the site of violence historically. So in the subtlety of that, you can feel that climate change and biodiversity loss are really just a symptom of a deeper human experience of separation. If we can connect to nature and each other though our hearts then doing harm becomes impossible. 


How would you describe Neem?

Refined and responsible. 


Name some music you love 

Be Svendsen

Oceanvs Orientalis

Kerala Dust 


Fav artist 

Ken Kiff


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