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Embrace Eco-Friendly Skincare and Self-Care for Men with These Top Brands

Embrace Eco-Friendly Skincare and Self-Care for Men with These Top Brands

In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant shift towards eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyles, and this movement has extended to skincare and self-care routines for men. For Neem self-care as well as fashion is an essential part of lifestyle, and sustainability is at the heart of our vision. Men are now taking more interest in caring for their skin while also being mindful of the planet. Fortunately, several brands like Neem have stepped up to meet this demand, offering eco-conscious products such as skincare that not only benefit your skin but also the environment. In this blog, the Neem team want to explore and introduce to you some of our favourite brands leading the charge in eco-friendly skincare and self-care for men.

  1. Balmista: Nourishing Beards and the Environment A Waterless Skincare Company | Balmista London

waterless skincare

Balmista is a brand that understands the unique needs of bearded men. Their product line includes organic beard balms and oils that are not only effective in taming and nourishing facial hair but also environmentally friendly. They use natural, sustainably sourced ingredients and minimal packaging to reduce waste. Balmista proves that you can have a healthy beard and a healthier planet simultaneously. Keep your hair hydrated and moisturised and we like to think that our soft and breathable ZQ Merino wool t-shirt goes great with Balmista products. (Pop into our Piccadilly Arcade store where we sell Balmista.)

ZQ Merino Wool Jersey Navy T-Shirt – Neem London

merino wool t shirt
  1. Cinque Sensi: Organic and Refreshing Skincare- Cinque Sensi - Premium home fragrances, candles and natural skincare 


organic skincare


Cinque Sensi is all about offering organic skincare solutions that invigorate the senses while being gentle on the environment. From their revitalizing face washes to their soothing aftershaves, this brand prioritizes plant-based, cruelty-free ingredients. Additionally, Cinque Sensi minimizes its carbon footprint by using recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Try one of Neem’s own ethically made and biodegradable Italian scarf.

biodegradable scarf

Italian Tencel Biodegradable Black Border Scarf – Neem London

  1. Heath London: Natural Grooming with a Purpose - Skincare for Men | Daily Protection for the Urban Man – Heath London
natural grooming

Heath London believes that self-care should not come at the expense of the planet. Their product range includes natural grooming essentials for men, such as moisturizers and shaving creams. What sets them apart is their commitment to sustainability, using ethically sourced ingredients and recyclable packaging. Moreover, they donate a portion of their profits to environmental charities, making every purchase a small contribution to a greener world.

  1. Haeckels: Seaweed-Powered Skincare - Haeckels Natural Skin Care And Wild Fragrance. Made of Margate.

natural skin care

Haeckels is a brand that harnesses the power of the sea for skincare. Based in Margate, England, they use sustainably harvested seaweed and marine extracts in their products. Seaweed is a highly renewable resource and helps protect marine ecosystems. Haeckels also promotes plastic-free packaging and even encourages customers to return their empty containers for recycling, reinforcing their commitment to environmental responsibility. (Something we also promote at Neem, as we too take responsibility for our products that are at the end of their life, in order to reduce waste.)

  1. Sturm: Luxury Meets Sustainability- Dr Barbara Sturm | 20% Off First Order | Innovative Skincare & Haircare (
eco-friendly skincare


Dr. Barbara Sturm's skincare line may be known for its luxury, but it also incorporates eco-friendly practices. The brand emphasizes using non-toxic, cruelty-free ingredients and avoids harmful chemicals. Dr. Sturm also minimizes waste by creating refill systems for their products, reducing the need for additional packaging.


Why does Eco-Friendly Skincare Matter?

Choosing eco-friendly skincare and self-care products isn't just about following the latest trend; like when you choose to shop sustainably at Neem it's about making conscious choices that benefit both you and the environment. Here are a few reasons why eco-conscious grooming should be a part of every man’s routine:

  1. Healthier Skin: Eco-friendly products often contain fewer harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrances, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergies.
  2. Reduced Environmental Impact: Sustainable sourcing, responsible packaging, and minimized waste production help protect our planet's ecosystems and reduce pollution. At Neem for example our shirts only emit the CO2 equivalent to 25 bananas whereas a typical high street shirt would emit the CO2 of 150 bananas!
  3. Supporting Ethical Practices: Many eco-friendly brands such as Neem and these self-care brands prioritize fair labour practices and ethical sourcing of ingredients, contributing to a more equitable world.
  4. Long-Term Savings: Quality eco-friendly products may be an initial investment, but they often last longer due to higher concentrations of active ingredients, ultimately saving you money.

Incorporating eco-friendly skincare and self-care into your daily routine is not only a positive step for your own well-being but also a meaningful contribution to the planet. Paired with items from Neem London you can take a step towards reaching a sustainable lifestyle that makes you feel good inside and out. The brands mentioned above—Balmista, Cinque Sensi, Heath London, Haeckels, and Dr. Sturm—offer a range of options to help you take care of your skin while taking care of the Earth.

So, gentlemen, it's time to pamper yourself with products that make you look good and feel good about your impact on the environment.


eco-friendly skincare
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