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Söktas stands out for its unparalleled two-century-old agricultural heritage and fifty-year expertise in yarn and fabric production. Their focus on technological advancement, artisanal craftsmanship, and sustainable production aligns perfectly with our values. That's why we collaborate with them on our regenerative cotton collection.

They invest heavily in energy and water conservation and uphold the highest ethical standards. The cotton we use comes from a pilot project developed four years ago, initially spanning 25 acres but now expanded to over 100 acres. The impact on biodiversity has been extraordinary, with an increase in organic matter and the return of worms and maggots. Regenerative systems restore and revitalise soil health, sequester carbon emissions, and combat climate change. In their fields, they employ proprietary no-till/no-plough machinery and specialised cover crops that act as a blanket during the off-season. This way, carbon, moisture, and nutrients in the soil remain undisturbed and are reutilised by specially treated non-GMO cotton seeds.

Since 1984, the spinning and weaving production has been supported by wastewater effluent treatment. Currently, the total plant is 75% powered by renewable energy, primarily through a purpose-built biomass plant utilising olive seeds as the core product. Additionally, solar panels (photovoltaic), hydro power, and a small wind farm contribute to the renewable energy mix. Efforts are underway to reduce the remaining 25% reliance on non-renewable sources, particularly natural gas, with significant solar investment planned for 2024 pending roof strengthening.

Moreover, 60% of the water used is reused within the finishing process, with plans to increase this percentage to 80% by 2025. Ongoing tests with carbon sequestration on the 250-acre regenerative farm show promising results, with increased nitrogen levels and nutrients in the soil suggesting that carbon dioxide sequestration will commence soon.

This mill is aiming to be fully renewable, and here at Neem, we are proud to partner with them. Visit the Söktas site to learn more.

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