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We collaborate with Reda on our ZQ merino range, sourced from regeneratively farmed and traceable farms in New Zealand. We believe they are among the most sustainable wool mills globally. The Reda story dates back to 1865 with the establishment of the historic wool mill in Valle Mosso, located in the Piedmont region of Italy, by local entrepreneur Carlo Reda. It is also intertwined with the Botto Poala brothers, descendants of a distinguished textiles family. In 1919, the Botto Poala brothers acquired the historic wool mill. Today, CEO Ercole Botto Poala, along with his cousins Francesco as COO, and Fabrizio and Guglielmo, promote growth through continuous innovation while respecting the traditions and history of the company.

The Reda Group has joined ZQRX (ZQ Merino Regenerative Index), a platform dedicated to individuals, companies, and organisations seeking to collaborate and measure their sustainability performance to identify strengths and areas for improvement. The Reda Group applies the ZQRX protocol to its partners and farms in New Zealand, urging them to measure their farm management performance and transcend the traditional concept of sustainability. This approach aims to gain a deep understanding of the intricate interactions between promoting animal welfare and safeguarding the land, climate, and community in which they operate. ZQRX interprets and embodies the ethics and values of "regenerative agriculture," which seeks to minimise land use while enhancing fertility through a combination of ancient techniques and modern technology. It focuses on acting on minerals, organic components, and microbiology while revitalising natural cycles.

Since 2020, Reda has been one of the few woollen mills in the world to achieve B Corp certification, and as of 2021, it has become a Benefit Corporation. Reda is the first textile manufacturer in Italy and among the first worldwide to receive B Corporation certification. In 2020, Reda obtained the Responsible Wool Standard certification, endorsed by Textile Exchange™. RWS provides an environmental declaration verified by a third party, ensuring that wool originates from responsible farms meeting specific requirements for animal welfare.

ZQ Merino is recognized as the world's leading ethical wool, setting unparalleled standards for fibre quality, animal welfare, and environmental and social responsibility. Reda owns three farms, primarily sourcing wool from the Glenrocm farm, ensuring full traceability and regenerative farming practices. To exert greater control over its supply chain, Reda implemented the TRACE® 4sustainability® protocol in 2022. This protocol aims to manage the social and environmental impact within its internal processes and supply chain through assessment, tracing, monitoring, and improvement activities. In 2021, Reda became the first vertical woollen mill in Italy to achieve excellence in the 4sustainability® Chemical Management initiative, scoring 87%, which increased to 94% in 2022.

Over the years, Reda has invested significant financial resources in reducing the energy impact of its production processes through the acquisition of state-of-the-art machinery, optimising plant consumption efficiency, and utilising renewable energy sources. In 2009, Reda invested in electric energy production through renewable sources by establishing a fully integrated photovoltaic plant covering approximately 2,700 square metres of roof space, with a capacity of about 200 kWp (FTV1). The energy generated by this plant is self-consumed within the production cycle.

In 2010, Reda expanded its investment in renewable energy by constructing an additional plant with a capacity of 322 kWp, consisting of 1,400 polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic panels with a capacity of 230 Wp each. The company plans to build a third photovoltaic system in 2023. Benefiting from a vertically integrated structure, the company achieves an average production yield of about 90% within the woollen mill.

In 2020, Reda also obtained the Global Recycled Standard certification promoted by Textile Change. This certification includes an environmental declaration verified by a third party, certifying the recycled material content of its products, ensuring full traceability throughout the value chain, minimising chemical usage, and adhering to environmental and social requirements throughout the cycle.

Reda's products are traceable, with the company owning farms and utilising renewable energy sources for a portion of its operations. Additionally, over 60% of their water is reused, and their fabric requires minimal washing due to its quality and beauty.

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