A Sustainable Giveaway

Neem and Balmista have decided to give away to one lucky person a bundle of Sustainable Waterless Skincare Products and a Sky Dobby Cut Away Shirt.


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  • Balmista Sustainable Waterless Skincare

    All products are sustainably produced, waterless and vegan; and bring a sensorial experience of what Mother Earth has to offer us. Balmista is also a carbon neutral workforce and plants 5 trees with every purchase.

  • Recycled Sky Dobby Cut Away Shirt

    The Neem signature piece - a new power casual shirt, with our soft cut away collar made in Europe and emitting 40% fewer GHG than a standard shirt.

  • Self Love

    Apart from an absolutely divine smell, this luxurious blend of cold-pressed, wonder oils will deeply nourish, feed and soothe your skin. A unique mixture of bioactive components is loaded with antioxidants and omega fatty acids that enrich and strengthen the skin barrier, whilst combating signs of premature ageing.

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  • Nude Glow

    This beautifully smooth, face cream is different to other creams. We don't use water, so our formula isn't diluted with unnecessary fillers, emulsifiers or preservatives, which means that all ingredients are active ingredients!

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  • Glorious Green

    Vegan, plant-based cleanser that frees you from make up, dirt and pollutants. Designed for all skin types in mind, this vitamin-rich goodness won’t sting or burn and is great even for sensitive skin.

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